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Green Llama Book Cover

The Green Llama® brings eSTEAM lessons to life! Have your students fully engaged in each and every class as they follow the adventures of the Green Llama.


Your students will work through activities reinforcing the building blocks of learning as they unlock additional classwork, hidden content, and rewards.


Watch their excitement in mastering eSTEAM competencies as their workbooks transform into digital e-learning portals.

Book Preview

K-3rd Curriculum

Physical & Digital Lesson Plans

Hidden Activities 

Bonus Adventures

& so much MORE!


Puzzles & Fun!

The Green Llama® is an excellent role model for problem-solving skills; as llamas naturally are.


Known for his intelligence and resourcefulness, the Green Llama aims to teach students how to approach challenges creatively and critically.


Journey through Planet 23 and its many mazes, crossword puzzles, and intergalactic surprises; and help your students communicate effectively, work as a team, and improve focus and reasoning skills.

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The Green Llama® wants to help create a positive impact in the education of our communities by providing much-needed resources to teachers and students.


Committing a portion of all book proceeds to be invested right back into our schools and local nonprofits. Equitable access to education and technology is essential for creating a level playing field and ensuring that all children have an opportunity to succeed.


Follow the Green Llama's lead and invest in education and the future of our youth.

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50 Copies

The Green Llama®
Ms. Middlebrooks

Robot Pack_edited_edited_edited.png
25 Copies

The Green Llama®

For custom orders, contact us for special pricing!

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Llamaverse Pack_edited.png

The Green Llama®

100 Copies

Work together to solve math and reading activities and unlock hidden adventures.


Easy ways for instructors to expose their students to fun learning and agriculture concepts.


Learn how to power your body (and spaceships) and journey across a universe full of nutrition.

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